Want to Get 6 Pack Abs 237% Faster while Training at Home and Eating Tasty Foods in Just 6 Weeks Like These Guys.....

FAQ - We Answer All Your 6WeekSixPack Questions!

Who is the 6WeekSixPack For ? +

For anyone who is looking to lose fat fast and working out at home. It does not matter if you are in your 20’s or 50’s. Male or Female. Have the last 10 pounds to lose or have 70+ pounds to lose. The powerful 3 strategies we use and that was created from scratch to work together and in synergy to help you burn fat fast and get ripped, even though very powerful, can be used by anyone. A great example to see how people of different ages, sexes and goals have achieved all great results using the 6weeksixpack is to check the top 10 best body transformations from our latest 6WeekSixPack Competition in the video below.

What makes the 6WeekSixPack Different from other programs out there? +

1. The 6WeekSixPack Challenge is just six weeks long. Most other programs are 12 weeks or longer. You don’t just get results fast but you get better results in six weeks with our program then with most other 12-week programs.

2. The 6WeekSixPack Challenge has more social proof than anyone else online. Over 230,000 people have used our program. And these success stories are NOT friends, or private clients, these are people from all over the world who simply followed our program, people just like you.

3. The 6WeekSixPack Challenge is a complete system, not just workouts or diet but workouts, diet and motivational and if you current system lack any one of these it is out of date and will never get you the results you deserve.

4.  The 6WeekSixPack Challenge is not some NEW program. The 6WeekSixPack Challenge has been around for over 5 years now. It’s been proven to work for years, month after month. It will work for you.

Will I get 6 Pack Abs in 6 Weeks? +

ba2How quickly you get 6 pack abs will depend on how much fat you have to lose. So let’s look at some results of the last 5 years to give you  a better understanding of how fast you will get 6 pack abs. The average amount of fat that is lost is around 15 to 20 pounds. The most amount of fat we have ever seen lost by someone on the 6weeksixpack was around 38 pounds. So depending on how much fat you have to lose, you might or might not get 6 pack abs within the actual 6 weeks. But the 6WeekSixPack was designed to help you lose fat and get 6 pack abs as fast as possible.

But if you have for example 100 pounds to lose like I had it could take you 6 months to lose all that fat. But if you were using another program that might take you a year. So no matter how much fat you have to lose, the 6WeekSixPack will help you do so in the fastest possible way and if you don’t get 6 pack abs in 6 weeks then just imagine how long it would have taken if you used a normal 12 week program.

What kind of workouts will I be doing? +

We use a very powerful workout mix and not just one type of workout like cardio or muscle building for the full 6 weeks. Not only has this been shown to be the fastest way to drop fat but also the best way to create a healthy, stronger body. So we use a 4 workout mix that includes HIIT Cardio, Full Body Weight Training, Core Workouts and Muscle Building workouts.

This mix will help you burn fat fast, create a strong functional body, add some muscle and shape to your body, make you fitter and increase your flexibility. Everyone one of our workouts also uses my patent pending HMS method to make sure you burn the most amount of calories and get the best possible results for the time you spend workout out. Our workout time ranges from 25 – 35 minutes.

What is the Diet Like? +

The diet is a MEAT based so sorry but at this stage this is not a vegetarian diet. I call my diet the High Performance Eat what You Need Diet.

What makes it different from most other diets is first of all that due to my Fitness Chef background and the fact that I just LOVE food, all the foods you will eat is TASTY!

Second of all, where most other diet programs are based on just ONE strategy e.g. high protein, high fats, low carbs or Intermitted Fasting, or Calorie Cycling etc my diet is actually based on all of them and more. See the fact is that no one diet will ever provide you with everything you need to burn fat fast and permanently. That is why we use a combination of some of the most powerful strategies to make sure you get the best results possible and never hit a plateau like you do with most diet when their Shelf life is come to an end. You also get to eat some tasty CHEAT meals each week and in fact we flat out tell you to do so as a cheat meal can actually help you get even better results!

What Equipment is Needed? +

A lot of the workouts and exercises uses just bodyweight but we do bring in some equipment like Dumbbells and Exercise bands to make sure your continue to progress and continue to get results from day one until you are ripped.

What if I don’t get results? +

Then you get your money back! I am not interested in taking your money unless you actually get results. However, I know that if you follow this powerful step by step system then you will get the results you deserve.

So if you are here to CHECK OUT the program and don’t want to work hard and stick to the program then this is not for you. But if you are ready to get results like never before and do so in just 6 weeks and are prepared to put in the work then this is for you.  However, regardless of why you want to take the challenge or if you are going to give it 100% or not, if you feel it’s not for you than simply request a refund and we will give you back every cent you invested!


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